Why does my veneer break?

Why does my veneer keep on falling out?

Why does my crown keep on breaking or cracking?

The top 3 reasons why crowns or veneers break.

1. Occlusion. Crowns and veneers break or debond because of the constant load of chewing on a weak / thin surface of the porcelain

2. Material- Poor or substandard material will cause crowns or veneer to crack or debond.

3. Poor planning and treatment.- If the dentist is too agressive or too conservative in preparing the tooth to fit the veneer or crown, the crown or veneer will crack over time. If the cement used is inappropriate the crown or veneer will debond.

Dr Newens has 18 years experience in placing successful crowns and veneers in Carmichael Ca 95608.

He uses the best materials , dental laboratories and is extremely thorough in treatment planning crowns and veneers.

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