Dr. Newens Favorite Dental Products

After being involved in dentistry for 20years, and being an active dental products evaluator ,here are some of Dr Charles Newens favorite dental products that he would recommend to patients in his Carmichael dental practice and personally use.

1. Bleaching:

Crestwhite strips. Usually recommend for first time users especially those who aren't sure if they want more expensive dentists prescribed bleach.

Sheer White strips. Good product for patients who would like an inbetween value of whitestrips and custom bleach trays.

Nite White by Discus Dental. I use this product personally and has very little sensitivity. It also tastes good. Results are phenomenal and most my patients love it!

2. Toothpaste:

Crest Pro Health. Great tasting and affordable and ADA approved!

Sensodyne. Great for sensitive teeth. especially after teeth whitening.

Flouridex by Discus Dental. Good prescription strength fluoride for those with really sensitive teeth.

3. Floss

Oral B. Glide. Great for those with tight contacts. doesnt shred!

Reach Total Care Woven floss. great for those with wide contacts and food impaction problems. taste great!

4. Electric toothbrush

Oral B. I personally use this and it lasts forever! Replacement heads are relatively inexpensive and small head works well for hard to reach places behind last molars! You dont need really fancy model with timer, or voice. Just basic model and mine has lasted 10 years+.

5. Water irrigators

Waterpik. Great product that has lasted many years. Get the basic model and use daily

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