Dental Costs and Fees

Economics of the dental industry.

Dental fees vary from city and zip code.

Generally, a dental implant procedure in San Francisco costs more than one in Carmichael, California.

It is because the costs and overhead of a dental practice is more in San Francisco than Carmichael.

In addition, your fixed maximum insurance dollars go farther at a Carmichael dentist than a San Francisco dentist.

Some dentist have several fee schedules depending on the types of insurance contracts they participate in.

Cash paying patients pay different fees from insurance paying patients. At our Carmichael dentist office, we have 1 fee schedule for cash and insurance paying patients. Dr Charles Newens fees are simply what Delta Dental sets for us and that is the fee for Cash or Insurance. We dont inflate our fees for cash paying patients. Patients can rest assured that you are getting highest quality dental work at reasonable rates.

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