Holistic dentistry - Oil Pulling

OIL PULLING. There is a trend that promotes swishing coconut, seasame or olive oil in your mouth to "pull" harmful bacteria from your mouth,teeth and gums. It is an ancient remedy for oral health and detoxification. It is done by taking a teaspoon of desired oil and swishing around for 15 minutes a day to detoxify your mouth. It is based on the simple premise that bacteria get stuck to the oil and is removed. There is no harm done by doing this but it requires one to do it for 15 -20 minutes a day most people dont have that time. Also it may extract "good" bacteria while it is detoxifying.Products such as dirty mouth toothpowder is a antimicrobrial and anti inflammatory agent which is suggested to fight gingivitis or gum disease.

Dr Newens has literature and studies about this holistic dental concept and he can recommend other holistic dental remedies.

At our office, we have a hybrid dental philosophy of conventional as well as a biological approach.

For all our patients, we look at the big picture as it relates to oral health because there is a tight connection between mouth and the body.

We offer BPA safe composite fillings and mercury safe dentistry with high capacity suctions. In addition, our crowns are quality metal free restorations.

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